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Belgrade apartments rental in the center, for small budget, because you are expecting that from us!
Rent Belgrade apartments, just in heart of the city is a last minute solution, if you did not reserved hotel in our city timely. Belgrade apartments rental with reasonable price is a goal for every tourist who wants cheap accommodation in Belgrade downtown. Belgrade accommodation rental in city center for group, is the best available choice for small groups, up to 6 persons.
Stay in cheap but very nice looking flats. Low prices is desire of almost every person who is looking for short time stay in our city.

Comfortable accommodation, cheap
Belgrade apartments rental small income, is right for you.
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cheap apartments Belgrade rental in the center of the city - that's our everyday's Belgrade apartments rental offer - Cheap but really good Belgrade apartments in center based on best service are comfortable, nice and clean flats in the heart of Belgrade, right in city center, with nice bedrooms and bathrooms, so your Belgrade stay will be very pleasant and comfortable.

Hence, our service is the best choice for visitors to the capital of Serbia. If you are looking for top quality, comfortable but inexpensive Belgrade rental and joyful stay, take a look at one of our flats in the center of Belgrade, available per day. Cheap apartments rental, located in the center is an ideal solution, both for business people and tourists arriving in the capitol of Serbia. All the flats are equipped with comfortable furniture and all features you might need for comfortable living.

Accommodation rental in the heart of city, located in Belgrade famous "Krug dvojke" area. Our accommodation rental offer is so varied that you are guaranteed to find the right home for your stay. We are also open for cooperation with tourist agencies that deal with accommodation rental. Our small private owned company is awaiting you!

Belgrade apartments rental, situated on several of top locations in the very center. Everything you might want to see in our city is just around the corner. For more information on pleasant and cozy Belgrade apartments rental and the location for your accommodation, please take a look at our offer on the pages of this website.

Apartments rental Belgrade has superb price-quality ratio. You can rent a flat starting from cheap €19 per person; the whole apartment for only €30 per day, while lux. accommodation rental Belgrade, center; apartment for 4 persons is available for the price of just €120 per day.  We are the private owned agency at your service.
Rent apartment under budget prices - that's our apartments rental service.

Our small but experienced and trusted company with good authority and long lasting good reputation wants to say welcome to your accommodation rental. If you have chosen apartment instead of a hotel as your choice for your stay, you have made the right decision. cause they are more affordable and far more comfortable than best Belgrade hotel rooms. If you select our apartment as your host, located in the city center, you have taken the next step for your accommodation in Belgrade to be pleasant, comfortable and affordable, as our apartments are.

Our offers are meant for all guests coming to capitol of Serbia - business people, tourists, every guest which expecting nice, clean and pleasant accommodation. For this reason our apartments rental is just excellent solution. We work with private flats for Belgrade visitors, tourists and business people. We are offering accommodation for just one day and, of course, for a longer period of time, according to the needs of our guests. They are fully equipped with modern appliances, cable TV and a wireless Internet connection. Our company has long and successful experience with hundreds of satisfied customers and so we are certain that you will be satisfied for being our guest. Our service will help make your stay more nice and pleasant. Take advantage of the discounts which we are offering for stays over 3 day. Ask for information about discounts.

accommodation rental - cheap apartments in the center of the city
- Additional information. On this website you will find a list and description of the suites available for you. Browse and select an apartment, or you can give us a call at: +381 64 42 999 44 or +381 63 77 03 553, Excellent but cheap apartments rental - Rent apartments -
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Belgrade Apartment

Our rental is among the few best cheap apartments rental services in the city when it speaks about Belgrade accommodation rental for comfortable stay.

About restaurants

Belgrade boasts a large number of restaurants in the city center, its suburbs or on the banks of its two rivers. International cuisine, authentic setting, exclusive service are just some of the characteristics of all restaurants. For a comprehensive list of restaurants, search our pages. 
Cheap apartments Belgrade rental, Serbia.

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When you stay in our cheap apartment  and you need rentAcar services, the capitol of Serbia has numerous agencies that can help you with car rental. More information on rentAcar agencies at the Rent Belgrade Accommodation website.

Belgrade apartment rental

​Business or pleasure - rent cheap apartment in Belgrade, center - they are close to everything.

Rent Belgrade Apartments

 Belgrade accommodation rental is among the few best rental services, when it speaks about short time- and cheap accommodation Belgrade for rent, so rent Belgrade apartments by us.


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